Hey Matt,

Sorry to bug in this method. I wasn't sure how else to reach out. It didn't feel right to ask Jayant for Doug's contact information. Alberta started a C&M Calgary. Planning the 2024 one now, Jayant was gracious enough to lend the branding. It would be incredible if Mr. Casey would be willing to speak or even do a video presentation if he couldn't attend. Maybe even on the breakup of nations. That's just throwing a random topic or there, since that's such a focus of his on the inevitability of decentralization. It would fit the Alberta variant nicely.



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Another well made extrapolation of our current events.

First, off don't change a thing regarding the content or much of that. Several topics may be required to cover the derived cause and effect to get Doug and Matt's diagnosis and recommendations, my favorite part.

I've got a couple doozies to accommodate your requests for some input on today's show.

So many interesting turn of events announced Monday that I just have to incorporate them. Coming soon hereafter...

Great show today.

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